Our Staff

At our practice you can expect friendly service from our conscientious staff members.

Team Members:

Chalice Covington is our caring and professional Back Office Coordinator.  She is a native Montanan from Park County where she went to high school and was awarded the Leadership award as a member of Business Professionals of America.  She has a background in dental assisting in a pediatric office as well as clinical medical and administrative positions.  She meticulously makes sure that supplies and instruments are in top condition and ready for your procedure.  You can count on highly professional clinical assistance from Chalice during your procedure.  Outside the office she is busy with her growing family.  She is in the process of attaining a BS degree in Dental Hygiene but we hope she will put that off for a couple of years!

Stephanie Van Gundy is our Front Office Coordinator. She is our primary front desk staff member. Stephanie has been a certified medical assistant (CMA-AAMA) for over 17 years.  She expertly manages the front desk operations and on occasion assists in patient care.  She is a warm and caring individual who is extremely professional in her multiple roles.

Tina Wahl is an Expanded Functions Certified Dental Assistant who graduated first in her class at Temple University Dental Assisting Program and was voted outstanding Dental Assistant of the Year by her regional dental society. She has been a periodontal assistant for over 30 years. Tina will help guide you through periodontal therapy in a warm and friendly as well as professional manner. Tina enjoys watching her Philadelphia Eagles and the Montana State Bobcats in her spare time in addition to antiquing with her husband.  Tina has retired from dentistry now but you may still see her in the office from time to time checking in on us and assisting when Chalice  is out of the office.